Our lifestyle in the United States is very fast paced and increasingly busy.  We don’t allocate a lot of time to eat, and sometimes the food we eat is not good for us. Foods have high contents of sugar, cholesterol, fats and synthetic compounds, and our produce and natural foods sources don’t have the same nutritional values that they did even 10 years ago.  Our soils are overworked and crop rotation very rarely happens.

Add to this that much of the population takes some sort of prescription or over the counter medication that robs the limited amounts of nutrition we do get from foods and uses them for manufactured processes in the body, instead of the normal, natural processes.

We as a society are not getting sufficient nutrition from the lifestyles we lead. These dietary habits lead to complaints of fatigue, stomach aches, lethargy, dizziness, and digestive irregularities, to name a few.

At DuPage Health and Physical Therapy Center, we use a variety of testing and history to help give your body the proper nutrition it needs.  Whether it be through supplementation, diet/lifestyle changes, and/or exercise recommendations, we can help you feel better.