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If you are in search of a chiropractor in Naperville, choose one that has served the community for over 40 years. DuPage Health and Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive approach to help you start feeling like yourself again. Our focus is natural, effective, and comprehensive care for the Naperville, Lisle, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Woodridge and the surrounding area.


Our doctors perform a thorough exam and a custom chiropractic treatment plan to address your health concerns. We are ready to provide drug-free pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and weight loss. Our chiropractic office provides adjustments, rehabilitation, flexion distraction, acupuncture, myofascial release, auto accident recovery, workplace injury therapy, and more. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Naperville, set up an appointment


Our doctors have helped thousands of patients safely heal from their injuries and find relief from chronic conditions. We treat conditions such as disc herniation, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, neck pain, sciatica, tension headaches, whiplash, headaches,  pregnancy related back pain, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, and more.


We recognize that pain may be caused by an underlying problem, and our doctors are trained to precisely identify and treat the root cause. For example, a herniated or slipped disc in the lumbar spine may cause pain down the leg. However, pain in the leg or foot can be caused by several other conditions such as tight muscles or metabolic disorders.

What is a chiropractic adjustment? 

Your chiropractor will make an accurate diagnosis by taking a history, performing a physical exam, doing orthopedic tests, and ordering imaging, if necessary. Once the problem is identified, joint mobilization and manipulation are two very effective ways your chiropractor can reduce pain and restore function.


Most often, a joint manipulation is a high velocity and low amplitude thrust that is applied to increase range of motion and promote muscle relaxation. Additionally, research has demonstrated that joint manipulation promotes the release of internal chemical mediators that help decrease pain. Our doctors may also apply gentle electrical stimulation and myofascial release to help you get out of pain. We also work with massage therapists in the Naperville, IL area. We can recommend someone that can provide the type of massage therapy that is best for your condition. 


Are chiropractic services safe?

A growing body of research demonstrates that the services provided by chiropractors are safe and highly effective for management of acute and chronic pain conditions. In 2017, The American College of Physicians indicated that nonpharmacological approaches, such as spinal manipulation, should be the initial choice of treatment intervention for chronic low back pain. 


You can feel confident that your chiropractic team at DuPage Health and Physical Therapy will provide you with the highest level of care and always be ready to answer your questions. 


Our patients have access to a wide variety of services. Chiropractic is clinically proven to be the most effective way to treat back pain and many other conditions. Our doctors are licensed chiropractic physicians with extensive knowledge and experience in providing a natural approach to your health care. I


If you’re looking for chiropractic care in Naperville, schedule your exam with us. We are ready to make recommendations to help you promote normal function and optimize your health. Our doctors are trained in the minimally invasive and highly effective techniques. We’ve helped thousands of patients in Naperville and the surrounding area for over 40 years and we are ready to help you start feeling like yourself again.

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