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Radiating Pain and Numbness

Many of us wake up in the middle of the night with our arms numb and hurting because we slept on them wrong. However, if you have this feeling in the middle of the day or seemingly unprovoked, it could be a sign of something more serious. It might prevent you from getting your work done by making your drop things or by making your arms or legs feel weak. These symptoms are can be worrisome, but our Chiropractors in Naperville, IL, can help provide you with relief for your radiating pain and numbness using chiropractic care, acupuncture, and therapeutic exercise.

What Is Radiating Pain and Numbness?

Radiating pain and numbness is a sensation that you could have in many parts of your body. It can come from a variety of sources - from spinal stenosis, herniated disc, or a number of other things. It can occur when nerves are being compressed or when nerves have been damaged. You might feel tingling, pins and needles, weakness, numbness, pain, heaviness, or other similar symptoms in the affected area. It can happen to variety of places on the body including your arms, legs, back, or chest. Where the pain is radiating to can be an indication as to what the cause may be. You might even have pain and numbness in arms and hands while sleeping.

One way that radiating pain and numbness may manifest is as sciatica. This is where the sciatic nerve, a large nerve that travels into the legs, becomes irritated or compressed. This can cause pain and numbness down the legs. Thankfully, doctors on our team can provide sciatica treatment through chiropractic adjustment, electroacupuncture. We can also demonstrate helpful stretches and exercises to reduce pain and help prevent it from coming back. The exact treatment type might depend on what is causing the sciatica.

What Causes Radiating Pain and Numbness?

There can be a number of causes for radiating pain and numbness. Sometimes, sleeping in a bad position can cause pain and numbness. If you are sleeping on your arm, or your arm is bent the wrong way while sleeping, you might be cutting off circulation to your arm or you might be compressing a nerve in your arm. Either way, this can cause pain and numbness. Most of time, this is nothing to worry about and is only an annoyance. However, there might also be an underlying cause to your pain and numbness not caused by poor sleeping position. A chiropractor on our team can give you an examination and help recommended optimal sleeping positions. If there is another problem that is contributing to pain in hands and arms while sleeping, a chiropractor on our team can help uncover it. Your radiating pain and numbness could also be caused by an injury directly to the affected area.

Whether that injury was to a nerve or another part of your body, you may be in pain because tissues in that area were damaged sometime in the past. If you have pain in neck and shoulder radiating down arm, a chiropractor on our team can help you by providing chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises to help heal that area of the body and help provide pain relief and pain management.

What Can Help Provide Healing and Pain Relief for Radiating Pain and Numbness?

There are a couple of things a chiropractor on our team can do to help you achieve lasting pain relief from radiating pain and numbness. One treatment option is spinal adjustment. This can help reduce pressure on the nerve root and promote healing in the area. It can also provide a number of other positive effects and can help you on your way to getting relief from your pain.

Another way we can address radiating pain and numbness is with corrective exercises. These are exercises designed to promote circulation and strength in the area that is being affected. If you are having pain in neck and shoulder radiating down arm, we can provide neck and shoulder exercises to help strengthen that area and promote muscle balance. Ligaments and tendons have little blood supply. Therapeutic exercises can encourage increased blood flow, promote recovery, and reduce pain.

A chiropractor on our team can also provide lifestyle advice to help you avoid re-injuring the area or to help you avoid triggers for the pain. We can give you postural advice to help you correct your poor posture, which may be contributing to your pain or muscle imbalance. We can also provide advice on better sleeping positions if you have pain and numbness in arms and hands while sleeping.
We may use some or all of these treatment options together to help you achieve your wellness goals. We may give you a chiropractic adjustment, give some exercises to do in the office and at home, and provide you with lifestyle advice. As you progress through treatment, we will progress your exercises to help you understand how to prevent the pain from returning. 

Why Use Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is holistic. This means that is treats the whole person, rather than just the symptoms. We seek to treat the underlying causes of your symptoms in order to help provide you with longer lasting and more effective care. Chiropractic care is also natural. We do not use addictive drugs or other medications. We may recommend natural supplementation to help you start feeling like yourself again. Chiropractic care can also be preventative. Through our counseling and treatment, we can help you to become more resistant to injuries and help prevent other conditions from developing in the future.

Visit Our Chiropractors in Naperville, IL, for Sciatica Treatment and More

If you are in Naperville, IL, or the surrounding areas, we are here to help you recover from your injuries, get relief for your chronic pain, and provide sciatica treatment. If you have radiating pain and numbness, such as pain in neck and shoulder radiating down arm, or pain and numbness in arms and hands while sleeping, we can help provide you with the treatment you need. Our chiropractors here in Naperville, IL are here to help you start feeling like yourself again.

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