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DuPage Health and Physical Therapy Center is excited to welcome Hong Zhou, Licensed Acupuncturist!

Hong Zhou is a Licensed Acupuncturist, integrating Holistic medicine with 20+ years of experience and has treated thousands of Intractable disease cases successfully. Her philosophy for patient care is emphasized in enhancing whole mind/body health with non-invasive, natural healing; not only symptoms control, but more importantly, healing & prevention.


She has completed 12 years of extensive education/training in acupuncture and integrative holistic medicine in China. She obtained her MD and PhD at Nanjing Traditional medicine university in China. Her doctoral supervisor is Zhou Chongying, a well-known national medical master of intractable and miscellaneous diseases in China. She has also studied at Northwestern University in Chicago. She worked as a physician and acupuncturist in hospitals in China. She has practiced acupuncture and integrative holistic medicine for 22 years in the United States.

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