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Webster Certified in Naperville, IL

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Dr. Boyle is a chiropractic physician at DuPage Health and Physical Therapy Center. Dr. Boyle graduated from Life University in 2002 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Early in her career she focused on women’s health and pediatrics. Her focus has evolved over the years to a well rounded family practice. Knowledge gained over years of practice has proven that the earlier someone embraces the chiropractic lifestyle the less illness, discomfort and dysfunction they experience in their lifetime.

Dr. Boyle works with Thompson, Diversified, Pediatric, Perinatal and Webster’s adjusting techniques along with specific therapies to correct reduced or reversed spinal curvatures.  She has focused her continuing professional education in chiropractic techniques for children and pregnant women, as well as Functional Medicine for individuals and families. 

Dr. Boyle is Webster certified and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.   To learn more about the ICPA click here 

She is currently expanding her knowledge in functional medicine through classes with Functional Medicine University. 


Dr. Boyle has been involved in Chiropractic her whole life, beginning as a patient when she was an infant. Her immediate and extended family were chiropractic patients long before she was born.  She grew up with the knowledge that you can keep your body healthy naturally with whole foods, natural supplements and proper spinal alignment.   Her life experience has taught her that when your spine is in alignment your nervous system runs your body as intended, giving you the opportunity for optimal health.  Excellent chiropractic care and a wellness lifestyle are the best preventative health care.


Dr. Boyle helps patients with a wide range of spinal and health issues, including…


*Proper pelvic alignment for pregnant women wanting optimal births (Webster’s Technique)

-Webster’s Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that reduces nervous system stress, balances pelvic bones, muscles and ligaments, and optimizes the mother’s pelvic function in pregnancy and birth. 

*First adjustments for newborns

-Pediatric chiropractors have gentle techniques for newborn and infant adjusting.  They are subtle and appropriate for a young spine and nervous system.  

*Maintaining spinal and nervous system health for children

*Supporting young athletes with joints issues and proper spinal development under stress

*Correcting postures commonly seen in children and adults due to extensive technology use

*Digestive Issues

*Hormone Balancing

*Mental and physical stress overload


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Comprehensive Care
for Mothers

Dr. Boyle is certified in delivering care through the Webster technique in order to improve the health of pregnant mothers and their growing babies. If you are an expectant mother in the Naperville, IL area, discover how our chiropractic care can help improve your pregnancy.

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