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  • Richard R. Fay, DC

Ideal Protein: Weigh your Veggies + Protein

Eyeballing is not a reliable way of measuring your food to eat. For example, what seems like one tablespoon of olive oil to your naked eye may actually be two! Now, imagine doing this throughout the day; the margin of error can only grow wider and wider. When you are not using measuring tools, it is very easy to assume that you are consuming the right portion sizes, whereas you may not be.

Research has also found that dieters who measure the quantity of their food tend to be more successful at shedding weight than those who don’t. And if you’re hungry, research suggests that you’ll miscalculate portion sizes to a greater degree. So, if you are on a weight loss protocol like Ideal Protein, using a digital food scale will help ensure that you are not consuming more calories than you believe you are.

Take the guess work out of measuring your food with this accurate and easy-to-use scale.

Ideal Protein Digital Food Scale
Features include: • Easy to read, backlit LCD screen • Tempered glass, easy to clean platform • Batteries included

Ideal Protein has customized this digital food scale, to include the Ideal Protein 1 Cup Vegetable Conversions which are printed directly on the scale. So now it is right at your fingertips to help facilitate your meal prep.

Measuring your food can feel overwhelming, but it’s the best tool you have to be sure you’re eating what you’re tracking. A food scale gives you the ability to learn portion sizes and sets you up for long term success. Adapting to your changing activity and phase one needs are easier when you know what you’re eating.


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