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  • Richard R. Fay, DC

Ideal Protein and the Importance of Journaling

This journal gives you some much-needed structure when it comes to personalizing and customizing your experience. Since a coach cannot be with the dieter throughout the day, a journal is a valuable tool that gives them an idea of the dieter’s daily habits and will be crucial in helping them reach their weight goals. When journaling is enforced right from the beginning, it will develop a habit in dieters and help them maintain it even when they get to phase 3 and beyond. In the same way you wouldn’t go to a gym class without your running shoes, an Ideal Protein dieter should not also attend a weekly coaching session without their food journal.

Keeping a food journal:

  • Creates accountability

  • Allows you to track your progress

  • Helps you to identify patterns or triggers (such as emotional eating, overeating at night)

  • Increases your awareness of what you are eating

  • Helps you identify foods or areas of concern and extra calories

Writing down what you eat may seem like one extra thing to do each day, but it’s a super efficient way to share your progress with your coach and helps keep you motivated and on track with just enough structure to stay organized so you can have the space to live your life.

As we know, you should:

• Weigh your meat prior to cooking it

• Measure all of your vegetables

• Drink water

• Take all your supplements

Do not eat more than 1 restricted item per day

Do not eat restricted vegetables or meats

Do not start exercising. Do not forget, muscle weighs more than fat. You are encouraged to do “conversational cardio.” For example, start walking around the block or taking the stairs.

Keeping a food journal and writing about your emotions and experiences as you lose weight will keep you aware and accountable. You’ll also have a record of your weight loss journey. So when a situation or emotion triggers your desire to eat unhealthy, reach for your pen rather than a cookie—you’ll feel better in the long run!


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