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  • Kathryn Boyle, DC

Types of Headaches Treated by Naperville Chiropractors and Acupuncturists

Did you know there are over 11 types of headaches? Ranging from a tension headache, to a migraine, even to hormonal headaches. How do I know what type of headache I have? Here is a comprehensive guide to headaches: Types, Causes, and Relief with our Naperville Chiropractors and Licensed Acupuncturist.

Are you constantly battling headaches? You're not alone. Headaches are a common ailment affecting millions worldwide, with various types and causes. Understanding the different types of headaches can help you find relief and improve your quality of life. Our Naperville Chiropractors, Richard R Fay, DC and Kathryn Boyle, DC and our Licensed Acupuncturist,

Hong Zhou, LAc offer holistic approaches to managing headaches, providing effective solutions beyond traditional medication. Let's delve into the diverse landscape of headaches and explore how these practitioners can alleviate your pain.

Tension headaches are the most prevalent type, characterized by a dull, achy sensation on both sides of the head. They often result from stress, poor posture, or muscle tension.

Our Naperville chiropractors employ spinal adjustments and posture correction techniques to alleviate tension in the neck and shoulders, addressing the root cause of tension headaches. Our Naperville acupuncturist, utilizes fine needles to stimulate specific points, releasing muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

Migraines are intense, throbbing headaches often accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and visual disturbances. They can significantly impact daily life and may last for hours or even days.

Our team of chiropractors offer spinal manipulation techniques and lifestyle recommendations to reduce migraine frequency and severity. Our licensed acupuncturist, can target migraine-triggering points to rebalance energy flow and alleviate symptoms, providing long-term relief.

Cluster Headaches:

Cluster headaches are excruciatingly painful headaches that occur in clusters or cycles, often around the eye or temple. They are relatively rare but extremely intense, causing severe discomfort.

Our chiropractors in Naperville focus on spinal adjustments and nerve stimulation techniques to alleviate nerve compression contributing to cluster headaches. Our board certified acupuncturist, will apply acupuncture to regulate neurotransmitters and reduce the frequency and intensity of cluster headache episodes.

Sinus headaches result from inflammation or congestion in the sinuses, leading to pressure and pain in the forehead, cheeks, and around the eyes. They often accompany sinus infections or allergies.

Chiropractic care for sinus headaches is the use of gentle spinal adjustments and manual therapies to relieve sinus pressure and improve drainage, offering relief from sinus headaches. Our acupuncturist can target sinus-related acupuncture points to reduce inflammation and promote sinus drainage, alleviating pain and discomfort.

Hormonal Headaches:

Hormonal headaches, such as menstrual migraines, occur due to fluctuations in hormone levels, commonly experienced by women during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause.

Naperville chiropractors offer personalized care plans tailored to address hormonal imbalances and alleviate associated headaches. Acupuncturists use acupuncture to regulate hormonal fluctuations and alleviate menstrual migraines, providing natural relief without the need for medication.

At DuPage Health and Physical Therapy Center, our team of chiropractors and our acupuncturist in Naperville, work collaboratively to provide holistic care for various types of headaches. By addressing the underlying causes and promoting overall wellness, they empower patients to manage their headaches effectively and enhance their quality of life.

Whether you're struggling with tension headaches, migraines, or sinus headaches, seeking the expertise of these providers can lead to long-lasting relief and improved well-being. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to a life free from pain with the holistic approach offered by our Naperville chiropractors and acupuncturist. Book your appointment or call our office at (331) 401-5900 today for your relief!


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